Sunday, December 19, 2010

7th Day – Kennedy Space Center.

Today we woke up with the forecast saying we would have a cold day but we didn’t expected that cold, especially in Florida. The wind factor made everything much worse.
We first left early to Kennedy Space Center, there we did a flight simulation to the moon, went on a bus ride throughout NASA where we saw a lot of its interesting spots and to finish we watched an IMAX movie about the Telescope Humble.
Our program next included the beach but due to the cold weather we just had dinner in a very nice beach front restaurant, students took lots of pictures and had a great time.
In the way back we made a big party in the bus as the results for the elections were given. They choose the students that most identify with many different categories such as: best exchange student, best English, etc.. then we went to a mall, the students decided to replace the beach time for some shopping time. A great day to finish a fabulous trip.
We will miss you all,

Fred and Kiersten
Terra North America Team

Monday, December 13, 2010

6th day - Hollywood Studios

Today the students visit Hollywood Studios, they enjoyed the rides like the Tower of Terror and the Rock' Rolling. Despite of the cold weather and rain, everyone had a great time. After we left the park we went to visit Downtown Disney, a place with a lot of shops and restaurants. The students got to know West Side, Pleasure Island and Market Place.

Another fun day in Orlando. More later.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

5th Day - Epcot

Epcot is really good place to see other countries´ cultures, buildings, and foods. It has 11 countries Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, of course U.S.A., Japan, Morocco, France, U.K. and Canada. We couldn`t understand why it doesn`t have South Korea. Korea is one of the most important country in the world. But, I have great time with other countries spots. We could feel we were in the other countries. In addition Epcot has lots of informative and fun rides. For example, Test Track which is good to learn how to test car and experience it, Mission Space which we can feel riding a spaceship, It was really good and new experience for us, Spaceship Earth was kind of time machine so, we could see our past, present and future, Universe of Energy made us surprised because we just thought it is kind of movie but it has not only movie but also real things, it was really good for learn about energy, and Soarin which is the best ride in Epcot, we could feel frying. The last we saw fireworks. It just amazing, we love it. We could see not only fireworks but also globe and listen to music. It was really good harmony. We had wonderful time in Epcot!
Hwa Ryang Kang (South Korea)

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

4th Day - Magic Kingdom

The first day of our Florida trip we were really excited for the first time in Disney World, it made/make it more magical that we were with exchange students. We got to wake up early to leave with the bus at 6:30 am because Disney has a special program for youth groups that come and visit Disney World. We liked that we got to experience the space mountain with lights on ´cause that is something special that no one else gets to experience. When Disney´s program was over we had a chance to walk around on our own and experience the park. It was a cold day but we still enjoyed it a lot.
Adriana Gonzalez and Katja Juul

3rd day - Everglades/Miami/Orlando

Today we woke up at 3:45, yes 3:45AM. We set down our tents, loaded our canoes, had breakfast and started to paddle back at 6:00am. It was still dark when we left and a light rain was falling. We didn't have the wind against us like the way in, in few places we had to go against the tide but we made it back in 5 hours, 1 hour less than to the camp site.
After trying to clean up a little we drove to Miami airport in order to fly to Orlando. There we met the others students coming just for the Orlando part of the trip and went to the hotel. Everybody was really excited to meet each other and with high expectations for the start of the trip.

2nd Day

This day was dedicated to learn about the Everglades local environment. After breakfast we did a little walk and learned a lot about the mangroves. Few dolphins passed by to make our morning even brighter.
After lunch we had free time to relax and enjoy the beach then more lecture, students had a task to figure out the difference between the original Everglades and how it is now, they also learned about the 35 year plan biggest environmental restoration process in the world happening for the last ten years.
Night came with a beautiful sunset.